A little love letter

I want to say that I love my LinkedIn. I know it sounds like a weird thing to love but I do. I love that the network that I have built is always posting positive thoughts and love. My favorite is a recruiter that I met once and we contacted on LinkedIn. She posts a daily positive thought of the day. I am taking to stealing them and am planning to share them on my darkest days to help others in those spots.

So to my dearest LinkedIn, thank you for creating a world where people can connect and support each other professionally, and to all those in my network, thank you for being positive and sharing your thoughts. I love that I can reach out to so many people and really get to know them.

I hope that everyone that has a LinkedIn account is using it and not just when they are looking for work. It is a great way to network and connect with people that have great ideas, solutions, and just see something you may not know. I have always been on my LinkedIn page so I can see what people are posting about. It is how I learned about some new laws that came up recently.

So please make sure you are on your LinkedIn pages and never forget that it's free to network on there. :)

Thank you, LinkedIn. I will be getting back to my quiz on hiring Generation Z.

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