Back to School

So I took a 3-month break from school to focus on work projects. I am now heading back this month and feel like a kid getting all my back-to-school supplies. Granted I don't need much. So notebooks, a pen, and my laptop with the internet but as weird as it sounds, I love the feeling of going back to school.

I think it is the endless possibilities to successed. It is a blank slate in a way, so you can start over and do everything the right way.

So with my back to school I am going to really work hard and do well. I hope. I want to get these course out of the way and move on from them.

Wish me luck.

And you want to join me on my back to school feeling, look at my school, Western Governors University (WGU). They have a lot of great courses and support systems to help you successed. They are institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the highest form of accreditation. They offer both bacholars and masters programs and the best part is that you can take as many course a term as you want with no additional fees (you have to complete 4 course or 12 units minimum).

I have loved my time with them. I am still having a hard time but it mostly life that gets in my way and I am trying to make it a top priotiy to get my degree done. Join me and thounsds of other on your educational journey.

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