Extra Post! What?

Yes, I am back because I wanted to let you know that while I am ashamed of sharing something all ready to get stuff out of it I am about to do it again.

As I mentioned, I live in sunny California, only right now it is not so sunny. There are three wildfires burning in my home state (2 in SoCal and 1 in NorCal). This is not something that we in California ever get used to. I am asking that you help if you can. I am a believer that people are always better than they think they are. We are covered in ash and smoke. People in some parts of the state have to wear masks to just breathe.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayer. If you would like to help, I will share the information once it is available. However, please donate blood to the Red Cross or REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. It is amazing how much help can come from small things.

Thank you for reading my extra post today.

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