I am ALL in

Where my Gilmore Girls fans at?

I am a super fan. I have even done a few of those trivia nights on this topic. My family knows this fact and I have even gotten them to watch it as well. I am a Lorelai, I need coffee with my oxygen. So when I heard that our favorite diner owner Luke (Scott Patterson) was doing a Gilmore Girls podcast you know I am all in!

This is so great. Scott has some of our favorites from the show to talk about what it was like to film and getting their parts. I love it! I have learned so much about this show that I never thought about. One thing I love to hear is what everyone remembers about the behind-the-scenes facts.

Any fan not listening to this, I question you. So what are you waiting for. I have even added the show to this post so you have no reason to not start listening to this show.

Oh, and Scott, if you want to send me some of your coffee, I am totally open to that.

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