It's like Crazy

So Life hasn't stopped moving.

This last few weeks I have been dealing with trying to wrap my mind around some personal issues.

Right now, my boyfriend of 4 years has asked for a break from our relationship. While it is hard because he wants the break to figure out who he is and that he wants to be with me and not with me because I am here.

While I want to feel like he wants to be with me, it is still hard to have it going on. We are still living together, we are still doing everything but together. I am not sure what I am feeling about it and at times I am okay with it but then something happens and I am really hurt by it again.

Now that I have shared where I have been, what are you up to?

I have to get back to studying. As you know, I am going to a great online school to get a BS in Business - Human Resource Management.

If you want to further your career or if you are ready to get your degree going and down, check out Western Governors University. It is so great and they will do so much to help you succeed.

If you click on this link and complete the form, you have your application fee waived ($65 value) and I get some credit for the school store to get some swag.

So what are you waiting for. Tomorrow is Now!

Use the following link to get started.