Make it Rain

You’re back! I’m glad.

So my first post was all about how to get organized once you are in debt and some steps to take to start getting you back out. This time I am going to tell you how I am working to get extra cash to get out of debt faster.

If you are like me, you are not really in a position to ask for a raise (desired or not). So I have been looking for ways to keep up with the world without overspending.

Like most people, we have shopped online for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary/Just because/Vacation gifts and trips. But did you know that you can get a small percentage back for that shopping trip? I know, too good to be true it must be a lie or there is a catch. Well no lie and really no catch. It’s called Ebates. I am sure you have seen the ads on loop. But it really works. I have not gotten the big payouts that they show but on average I’m getting a $20 check (into my PayPal account) every couple of months. I get a lot of it because I am in charge of the purchasing at work we use staples. (Do not try this unless you have permission.) It’s not a lot I know but hey it's money you didn’t have before.

Ebates is also great because they have deals for hotels and rental cars too. It’s not just stored.

The way ebates works is you sign up for free for an account. Not hard. They ask easy questions like where do you want your money to go? Where you do your online shopping at? Things like that. Then you just click on a store's website and do your shopping like normal (provide that ebates has set up an account with them.) Ebates even lets you know if there are any coupons for that store. Sweet right?

But you have to go through their website to get the money back and if you are like me you always forget. Well never fear Ebates thought of that too. If you have firefox you can download an Ebates App on your firefox and when you go to a store online it will drop down a little window on the top of the page to let you know that there is a chance to get a percent back. Click on it and as long as the tab is open it counts. Super easy right?

So say you are a makeup girl (I try to be but I enjoy my bed more than doing my makeup) you need to try ipsy. It’s a small amount each month. I think $10.00 and you get a little goodie bag with different types of beauty products. They ask you to rate it after you get it too. Again super easy application where they ask you about what type of makeup you like if there is something you are looking for, where to send it, and a credit card. Not hard easy to cancel but it is fun to get something in the mail like this.

If Makeup is not your thing I have just found a website that lets you have “personal” styles and they will send out clothes and you keep what you like and send back what you don’t. They need a credit card to sign up but they only charge you for what you keep. I have just signed up and my first shipment isn't for a couple of weeks. (Oh did I mention you can pick when you want to start receiving your shipments). Some type of sign as the rest but will be clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry you name it. The website is called Stitch Fix and I will give a full review after my first shipment.

These are just a few ways to save money and to get some nice stuff for less.

I would also say that you should sign up for for a complete list of free items you can get on your birthday.

If you have a smartphone (let’s be honest who doesn’t) make sure you have the Retail Me Not app on your phone. It will use your phone's GPS to find your coupons for the stores closest to you. As well as let you know of any sales going on.

I would also get Cartwheel by Target and the Target apps. Cartwheel lets you pick up to 30 items to add to your barcode and you can get extra discounts and whatnot as well as learn when the deals are. The Target app is great for sales. (Side note: Target’s website is great because they are working with Ebates)

Before you buy anything online be sure to look for coupons. There are a lot of sites that post them (,, etc.) as well as some amazing deals on all sorts of products ( Shop around and find the deals. Saving money and getting money back are not hard things to do, you just have to look.

Happy shopping my fellow debtors. We will be free before long. Stay strong and whatever you do. Don’t get anything online just because. Remember you don’t have a card anymore.

If you would like to learn more about any of these websites or to sign up yourself visit the links below. These are the referral pages but they have all the information on them.



Stich Fix: