Save Money/Spend Money

I am getting so tired of everyone telling me I need to save money. "Save up to 40% of your income" "Save 25% of income in 401k" Save Save Save!!

It is impossible to same money. No matter hard I try to do it. Part of this I will admit is my fault because I have been getting things I don't always need. Stupid Walt Life Box with your Disney shit I love and part of it is because of my boyfriend not making as much as me so I have to pay for a lot of stuff for him as well as where we live. I live in an area that is crazy-expensive. So my cost of living is harder to workaround. They say live below your means. I live in a nice apartment in an okay part of town and I am spending so much on rent that it isn't funny. I make enough money currently to pay the whole rent by myself each month (and had to because my partner was not responsible with his money). I am not mad at him for spending his money but sometimes I wish he would stop spending so much GOD DAMN TIME AND MONEY ON HIS F*ING VIDEO GAMES and start saving money and helping more around the house.

I know that there are people in a worse position than us and I never forget that because I was there last year but it is hard when you are living with a man-kid who gets upset because I ask him to do the dishes all the time (while I am working and doing laundry) or to vacuum (after I spent half the day cleaning and dusting after working 40+ hours) or cooking dinner instead of ordering in or warming up something frozen (because I feel like a cow since the start of the pandemic). I know. I know. I am unreasonable but it is hard because he never offers to help. I have to bug him and bug him and bug him. It just weighs on you after a while.

So if you are like me and you live with a man-child and can't save your money, do not feel bad. You are not alone. We have all been there and I hope we all get out of together.

Now, if you are looking for help with your money, I can not personally recommend Truebill more. They help you get out of your subscription that you have long since forgotten about but are still sending you to shit you don't want. I love them. They will also try and help lower your monthly bills. IF they succeed at that, they charge you 40% of your first year's savings, which sucks, but if they can't lower it then they get nothing.

Check them out and see what they can do for you.

Please note, my support for the Truebill program is not an ad or paid endorsement. I believe in the product and wanted to share it with you.

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