The day the world stood still

Do you remember the day the world stood still? Do you remember where you were or how you felt?

For me, I was a stupid 13 year old kid living in California. I was in sleeping when the first tower was hit. My parents were watching the news and I remember my mom running into my room to wake me up. I was so annoyed because I normally got to sleep in longer before I had to get up for school. She yelled for my sister and I to get into her room. Not a normal thing and we watched the second plane go into the second tower. I remember us all just sitting on the bed is shock. We couldn't move. No one was crying but I remember us all with tears in our eyes as we watched the towers.

That day is mostly a blur for me. I can't tell you anything that happened beyond all of our teachers showing us the news reports on loop. We were afraid because we thought that there was going to more attacks on the west coast.

It's been 20 years since the attack and I still feel sad at the thought of what happened. I don't watch any movies about topic nor to I read anything on it still to this day. I hope to some day be able to because I know there are a lot of things out there now.

So today, I am asking that everyone take a moment to remember all those that have lost their lives on this day. I pray for the families as well.

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