What a day!

Today marks 90 days at my job so I had my review.

It went so well. My boss gave me a great review and I am so happy.

Not only that but I am also going to the SHRM event in Vegas. I won a raffle I didn't know about.

Go me!

So what else you ask?

Well, that is it. I wanted to share my news.

As you know I do like to share something that I think is worth noting. I am also trying to keep my word about not oversharing on the ads. I know I do like to talk about my school and my new favorite underwear. But I am also now also going to ask you to follow my social media. I am sharing on those a lot more.

Please join my social media fun. It's easy to find me. Just look for girlwblog.

Now also, get on Ebates if you haven't already. It's worth it you crazy kids. I saved $169 in a few months.

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