I just got word that I officially have my AA! They awarded me it but I don't have the degree in hand yet. Most likely won't get it for months, but it is done.

Fingers crossed it is enough to get converted to a full-time employee for the company I am working for. I have sent everything to the background company so we will see.

I am still worried about it but for some reason, it is not sitting like a sack of potatoes as I have been for a while.

I also have some bug last week so I wasn't able to share my news until today. I have been tested and got my results back yesterday. I don't have COVID-19. Yay me. I am glad that I am not sick with it but I am also pissed that I had no energy from whatever it is that I did have. I really need to study last week and now I am worried I have missed my chance to pass a class that I need to pass.

Pray for me, everyone. I have to pass this class by the end of the month which is 5 days away.

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