Your Nails Girl!

OMG! I am so excited.

So during the pandemic, the nail salons had been closed and I had to learn to do my own nails. I suck but I keep trying and get a little better each time. I found this company called Bettle Gel Polish and I am in love with them. The colors are beautiful, the products don't kill you with the smell and the kits are a good value for what you get for the most part. I am totally in love.

Well, I am now excited because I just got my first acrylic nail kit with tips and everything. Sadly Beetle doesn't have a kit so I have to try someone else but I so jazzed. I will not be posting a photo of my nails unless they come out well but this is my first time so I doubt it. EEEKK! I am so excited to play with my new toys.

Has anyone done this before? Any tips before I try this out?

If you are interested in Beetle Gel Polish, check out their storefront on Amazon.

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